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Hustle, Grind, Win! Not So Fast.

“You only pop champagne when you win with customers. Now it’s time to put on the coffee and get to work.” ~Rishi Shah   |

Shah, Chicago’s newest billionaire, raised capital in a single round of funding in July and took valuation of the healthcare tech company he founded just over a decade ago to $5.6 billion. The observation that it isn’t time to pop champagne was probably his way of acknowledging that the valuation isn’t the real victory. For it to be sustainable he’d better make customers happy with his offering.

Here’s a radical idea: winning with customers includes the internal customer aka employee. In fact some might argue this is where it starts because without skilled, passionate, innovative people, market share/dominance is a fleeting experience. The sustainability thread runs right up into their cubicles and offices. Learn more about this with the best leadership development programs offered by TPW.

How do you plan to keep winning with these stakeholders? Is part of your hustle and grind a determination to lead purposefully, with mindfulness about the climate you foster?

Do you remember to look out for employees with growth needs AND the highly capable or HIPO? Think the check that’s doled out weekly or biweekly covers off reward and recognition? That it’ll stave off burnout? Where do compassion and sincerity factor in your leadership posture and philosophy?
I triple dare you to factor leadership impact in your strategic plans.

best leadership development programs

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