Wendy Woolfork: Performance Transformation Expert and The Purpose Walk Founder.

leadership and influencing skillsHi, I’m Wendy Woolfork. An advocate for purposefulness, intentionality and courage, I believe that as leaders we benefit from the courage to own our growth needs and the resolve to take action about existing gaps. My singular focus is influencing people to maximize impact and outcomes. I believe that individuals should focus on developing their leadership and influencing skills.

My company and I help executives and leaders identify the real issues affecting teams and businesses through in-depth analyses and development of actionable and impactful strategies that overcome impediments to leadership effectiveness. My expertise comes from training in brain and behavioral science, and from almost two decades of Human Resources leadership, building and sustaining organizational capability.

I believe well-run organizations are the backbone of a healthy economy, and allow people the world over to lead satisfying lives and have a measure of contentment in our finite time on earth.

Why are we here?

What would life be without goal achievement and the chance to celebrate success?

How can we lead our best lives and have optimal impact on teams and organizations?

These questions suggest that purpose is a game-changer…my company The Purpose Walk helps produce winners with exceptional leadership and influencing skills.