This page is the place for books, quotes and other resources that I’ve found professionally and personally valuable. It will grow and be updated as we go along and I’m happy to hear about and share anything you have found helpful so please feel free to email me with your thoughts. The books below will help you learn more about authentic leadership training.

Book recommendations, just because…

Because reading and continuous learning add dimension to us. I am remarkably different as a result of my unique background and my habit of soaking up ideas from a number of learned and accomplished writers. This shortlist is a snapshot.




Like many executives you’re probably no stranger to feeling harried as you take the organization to new heights in an era of volatility. With Essentialism, Greg McKeown provides a blueprint for developing a healthy relationship with “No” so you can focus on high stakes contributions. Read to discover what he’s talking about.
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Originality Sherpa Adam Grant is supremely qualified to be your guide through the “novel thinking” labyrinth. Don’t take my word for it.
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Sydney Finkelstein’s title speaks for itself. Who doesn’t want to be considered a Superboss, with all the privileges it endows (teams of exceptional leader-contributors whose creativity are unleashed by your
unique approach)? Consider yourself lucky this book was written to show the way.
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The 4 Disciplines of Execution:

This book illustrates how to do it flawlessly and you’ll want to keep it in your personal library and share with your children down the road, as they embark on careers of their own.
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The Code of the Extraordinary Mind:

If you’re a student of transformation and continuous growth like me, this book will be a homing device. I expect you to want to thank me after delving into it. I’ll be waiting.
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