These testimonials speak to the effectiveness of our leadership training.

leadership training

  • Wendy Woolfork has a clear gift to enhance the effectiveness of ministry leaders and leaders in general. She helped us immensely through the rebranding of our ministry which is being repositioned to have greater impact both locally and internationally. From a coaching and leadership development standpoint, Wendy reinforced our need to establish priorities and to delegate as leaders. She helped to sharpen our skills, vision and passion, and we feel more confident about our core values and being able to empower competent people that we can trust to be an extension of our leadership. Wendy will help other leaders fundamentally sharpen their vision and become more focused on their primary purpose. Working with her you can go from having a mission statement to fulfilling the vision; being highly focused on who you are, why you’re here and where you’re going. Wendy has a keen grasp of what companies should do to be on the cutting edge in the twenty-first century.

    Bishop Glen Colley, MDV Lead Pastor, New Covenant Church
  • I have personally spent a full career as a commissioned officer in the US Navy Civil Engineer Corps, served on the staff of The Executive Office of The President at The White House, and worked an additional ten years in private corporations; and I can say without question that Wendy Woolfork is THE finest leader with whom I have come into contact, and the most knowledgeable in her field. She is a rare find.

    S. Beattie, P.E. Director NAVFAC
  • I recently contacted Wendy Woolfork for some professional coaching since I anticipate transitioning from my Management position to an Executive role. I needed some guidance on preparation to market my Customer Experience (CX) expertise and to refine my resume. I received so much more than I bargained for as I found Wendy to be a competent, experienced, cutting-edge, dynamic Coach who is well-rounded and experienced across several business sectors. My interaction with her made me feel like a winner in so many ways. She was able to help change my mindset and reposition my thinking, which set me apart from my peers. Because of Wendy's intervention I have been able to stand out and assert myself, not just in the role for which I applied but as a leader. Wendy's services really transformed me professionally; she is outstanding at what she does, her counsel, coaching and advice took me from being just good to being and feeling great.

    Laura June Alleyne CX Manager TSTT
  • Ms. Woolfork came to me highly recommended and has lived up to the flattering and impressive accolades. She is a maverick and believes in long-term strategy, fundamental cultural changes that must begin at the top, and in the need to deconstruct and reassemble the organizational and operational norms. She gets “it.”

    D. Williams Chief Operating Officer NHSC
  • Wendy motivates people into action. I am impressed with her sharp mind and her ability to read people and situations, and she finds creative solutions to challenges.

    S. Afolabi General Counsel NHSC
  • Wendy worked with a group that was the most diverse collection of people in the company and was comfortable in dealing with unique and often uncomfortable employee situations. I relied on her judgment emphatically.

    D. Keller UX Vice President TTFC

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