The Purpose Walk is rooted in the idea that great leadership demands a distinct posture. And a great leadership training program.

The focus of my work is to refine that posture by helping leaders tap into specific values and behaviors that allow them to operate with purpose-driven intent, and in authentic ways. It is the simple premise that influential leaders walk their talk. There is congruence between values, what they espouse, and how they behave and lead others. A leadership training program can be of great help.

A personal association is embedded as well. Growing up in the Third World a lot of walking, literally, punctuates the story of my life. For example, during three of my five years in high school I walked almost six miles round trip to and from school. My family was poor. I was raised by a single mother, and she believed education was our only door opener and path to betterment, and commitment was non-negotiable. So I made that trek in the unforgiving tropical sun unless I was bed-ridden, knowing there was a bigger path to walk, larger purpose to be realized…and it served as fuel.

leadership training program

Leadership Training Program